AUPYA's Manifesto

AUPYA’s purpose is to improve the quality of life of people, to restore social bonds and commons, and to ensure the preservation of an environment suitable for life.

  • AUPYA aims to compound actions of individuals in order to create, maintain and improve sustainable initiatives that have a continuous structural impact.
  • We envision AUPYA's initiatives as commons. They should empower the greatest number of people.
  • Initiatives are driven the enthusiasm of our members. We keep an open ear to enable each and everyone's ideas and talents to thrive.
  • We think big, we impetuously dare, we defy the limits of what seems possible in order to fully grasp the issues essential to our thinking.
  • The continual search for better methods calls for a radical open-mindedness and thus to consider nothing as absolute. Hence, AUPYA is constantly evolving. Only the purpose of the organization is fixed.
  • Human beings have biased perception, interpretation and restitution of reality. Logical reasoning can provide a strong thought process, but the possibly biased nature of the premises and conclusions remains.
  • We are open to using currently predominant networks, cultural assets, and technologies, even when this seems to involve practices that are at odds with AUPYA's purpose.
  • Occasional contributions are used to start or improve initiatives, not to sustain them.
  • The advanced properties of life emerge from those of simple cells. Likewise, we believe individuals become stronger as they form a society. Thus, we must act united to succeed.

We've already started.